Are your prosthetics safe?

Yes, completely, you can choose from either latex or gelatine.

Why latex and gelatine?

I produce prosthetics in either latex or gelatine, this provides flexibility for the customer to choose their preferred material.  Some people are used to latex and more comfortable using this material or they may be vegetarian and prefer not to use gelatine.  Gelatine has the benefit of acting more like real flesh and as it warms to the body it becomes even more flesh-like.

How do I apply them?

If you choose latex then application is as simple as stippling liquid latex onto the area where the prosthetic will be applied, place the prosthetic and stipple some more latex over the edges to blend into the skin.  If your prosthetic is gelatine then the best adhesive to use is prosaide (prosthetic adhesive) although you can use spirit gum, but it isn’t as good.  Instructions are provided with every prosthetic.

How do I paint them?

For both latex and gelatine prosthetics you can use either alcohol activated paints (AA) or rubber mask grease paints (RMG/RMGP).

How many times can I use the prosthetics?

If you have chosen latex and remove them carefully, clean and powder them they should be reusable at least a couple of times, gelatine prosthetics would be more difficult to reuse as they can absorb your skin’s own oils and sweat.

Where do you post to?

I will post worldwide, let me know where in the world you are and I will provide a postage quote.

The Pound is not my currency, can you tell me how much it costs in my own currency?

All my prices are in UK £, if you need to know the price in your own currency then there are several converters available on the internet, I would advise using http://www.xe.com/

What else do you sell?

I sell prosthetic grade gelatine so you can make your own prosthetics, and I sell Lake’s – these are powdered food colours for making your own blood