Mar 292013

So whilst I always enjoy doing my own shoots I do get asked to provide props and prosthetics for other make up artists shoots.

Recently I saw a friend on Facebook complaining that she couldn’t find ears for a shoot she was planning –  she is both make up artist and model. To cut a long story short I ended up making her a set of ears for the shoot, the ears are very simple latex flatbacks (meaning detail to the front only) and in return I received some images from the shoot to use in my portfolio.

Lucinda Van Tassel was responsible for her own beauty make up and hair for the shoot and she can be found at  The photographer for the shoot was FDQ Photography and he can be found at and

I love the colour of Lucinda Van Tassel’s hair and personally think it looks fantastic against the blue of the dress.



Mar 292013

One of the effects required for the film I recently worked on was a missing face.  I did some research on maxillofacial injuries and knowing that I wouldn’t have a lot of time on the day I started to build a portion of the prosthetic.

I had a life cast at home and to get the general shape I used some skin coloured silicone, I already had some pieces of tinted gelatine (Gelafix Skin from Kryolan) with muscle striations on and I had made some pieces of “bone” from Fimo clay.  I tore the gelatine “muscle” and laid it into the silicone, I then placed some pieces of  bone and overlaid some more muscle.  I wanted to have an eye in the piece as well but didn’t have a proper mould so I used Kryolan’s Gelafix Skin and cut a pingpong ball in half and after heating the Gelafix poured it into one half, after it set I just trimmed it down a little and attached it using a little more silicone.


I then used more silicone to create stringy bits of skin.

To apply I used a thin layer of silicone and lightly pressed the piece into it, once cured I used Skin Illustrator FX pallet to punch up the red muscle area as well as paint the eye.

On set I used some Kryolan Fresh Scratch blood paste and some of the syrup blood, and maggots were placed onto the piece.  I think I should have an additional credit of Maggot Wrangler!